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Foundation Bolt Footings

Foundation Bolt Footings

The most versatile style of column footing is a foundation bolt set combined with a reinforcing cage. At Urban Lighting Group we have a range of products that can be combined to match any of our column range. Components can be supplied separately, or as a kit ready for easy installation.

Foundation bolts are made from hot dip galvanized steel and come with a template for easy installation. Reinforcing cages are made from 500MPa deformed rebar, with 250MPa ligatures.


Contact us for a quote, custom design or to discuss engineer certified footings.

Foundation bolt assemblies

UBA‑M20X2334 x M20U bolt233mm460mm
UBA‑M20X3504 x M20U bolt350mm560mm
UBA‑M24X3504 x M24U bolt350mm560mm
UBA‑M30X3504 x M30U bolt350mm665mm
UBA‑M30X5004 x M30U bolt500mm765mm
FBA‑8XM30X5008 x M30J bolt500mm1000mm
FBA‑12XM30X65012 x M30J bolt650mm1000mm
FBA‑12XM30X80012 x M30J bolt800mm1000mm
FBA‑12XM30X90012 x M30J bolt900mm1000mm
FBA‑6XM36X6006 x M36J bolt600mm1100mm
FBA‑12XM36X75012 x M36J bolt750mm1100mm
FBA‑12XM36X80012 x M36J bolt800mm1100mm
FBA‑12XM36X85012 x M36J bolt850mm1100mm
FBA‑12XM36X90012 x M36J bolt900mm1100mm
FBA‑12XM36X100012 x M36J bolt1000mm1100mm
FBA‑16XM36X90016 x M36J bolt900mm1100mm
FBA‑16XM36X100016 x M36J bolt1000mm1100mm

Reinforcing cages

REO‑300X600300mm600mm6 x N124 x R6
REO‑300X800300mm800mm6 x N125 x R6
REO‑300X1000300mm1000mm6 x N126 x R6
REO‑400X1000400mm1000mm8 x N126 x R6
REO‑400X1200400mm1200mm8 x N127 x R6
REO‑400X1400400mm1400mm8 x N128 x R6
REO‑400X1600400mm1600mm8 x N129 x R6
REO‑600X1600600mm1600mm9 x N167 x R6
REO‑600X1800600mm1800mm9 x N168 x R6
REO‑600X2000600mm2000mm9 x N169 x R6
REO‑600X2200600mm2200mm9 x N1610 x R6
REO‑600X2400600mm2400mm9 x N1611 x R6
REO‑1000X20001000mm2000mm9 x N285 x R12
REO‑1000X22001000mm2200mm9 x N286 x R12
REO‑1000X24001000mm2400mm9 x N286 x R12
REO‑1000X26001000mm2600mm9 x N287 x R12
REO‑1000X28001000mm2800mm9 x N287 x R12
REO‑1000X30001000mm3000mm9 x N288 x R12
REO‑1000X32001000mm3200mm9 x N288 x R12
REO‑1000X34001000mm3400mm9 x N288 x R12
REO‑1000X36001000mm3600mm9 x N289 x R12
REO‑1000X38001000mm3800mm9 x N289 x R12
REO‑1100X36001100mm3600mm11 x N289 x R12

Note: footing details shown are indicative only. A site assessment must be carried out by a qualified engineer in order to account for site specific factors such as wind loads, soil conditions and terrain category. This assessment is the responsibility of the installation contractor. Urban Lighting Group takes no responsibility for use of the footing details shown here.