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City of Berwick Netball Association

City of Berwick Netball Association

About the project

Opened in 1955, the Berwick Netball Club is a community-based sports centre located in the City of Casey in Melbourne’s outer east, home to both indoor and outdoor courts.

As the local lighting specialists, we were tasked with securing the carpark and surrounding area – a challenge we approached with the support of quality suppliers and our own in-house custom design and fabrication capabilities.

The solution involved NM Series Solar Street light heads supplied by Vibe Lighting, and a combination of 6m galvanised tapered round poles and 4.5m tapered round painted graphite grey poles, the installation of which was done by Jaw Electrics.


City of Casey, Victoria


FL6XLR1 and FL4.5XLR1 tapered round columns
NM Series Solar Street luminaire by Vibe Lighting.


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