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Essential Energy

Essential Energy

Urban Lighting Group have a range of columns and accessories which are approved for use in all Essential Energy areas.

All Urban Lighting Group columns and brackets are made from hot dip galvanized steel, and can be powder-coated in standard or your choice of colours.



ModelEssential Energy codeTypeHeightOutreachCoating
70150131067Round Impact Absorbing7.5m1.5m SingleGalvanized
70151131069Round Impact Absorbing7.5m1.5m DoubleGalvanized
70152131123Round Impact Absorbing7.5m3.0m SingleGalvanized
70153131126Round Impact Absorbing7.5m3.0m DoubleGalvanized
70154131129Round Impact Absorbing7.5m1.5m SingleBottle Green
70155131131Round Impact Absorbing7.5m1.5m DoubleBottle Green
70156131134Round Impact Absorbing7.5m3.0m SingleBottle Green
70157131138Round Impact Absorbing7.5m3.0m DoubleBottle Green
70057131065Octagonal Rigid7.5m1.5m SingleGalvanized
70058131066Octagonal Rigid7.5m1.5m DoubleGalvanized


ModelEssential Energy codeDescription
13745SL01Ragbolt Assembly - Standard Strength
13746SL02Ragbolt Assembly - High Strength
10135-1.6m Reinforcing Cage
10136-1.8m Reinforcing Cage
10137-1.9m Reinforcing Cage
10138-2.1m Reinforcing Cage

See Essential Energy drawing CEOM7206.04 for footing use and installation details.