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Ground Set Columns

Ground Set Columns

This range of standard ground set (in-ground mounted) lighting columns are available for use in all Victorian distribution areas.

All Urban Lighting Group columns and brackets are made from hot dip galvanized steel, and can be painted or powdercoated in your choice of colours.


  • Powder-coat or 2 pack painted finish
  • Custom design to suit your exact requirement (subject to distributor approval)



ModelDescriptionCoatingAusnet ServicesJemenaPowercor CitipowerUnited Energy
12805Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kNGalvanized001576
12806Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kNPainted001576
12910Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kN, Reverse DoorGalvanized001576
13149Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kN, Reverse DoorPainted001576
12222Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kNGalvanized1100059132000712525
12247Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kNPainted1100059132000712525
12302Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kN, Reverse DoorGalvanized1100059132000712525
13215Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 6.9m/1kN, Reverse DoorPainted1100059132000712525
12231Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 9m/1kNGalvanized00628311004355320201220264
12233Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 9m/1kNPainted00628311004355320201220264
13638Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 9m/1kN, Reverse DoorGalvanized00628311004355320201220264
10236Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 9m/1kN, Reverse DoorPainted00628311004355320201220264
12232Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 10.8m/1kNGalvanized006393110198132000810761
12234Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 10.8m/1kNPainted006393110198132000810761
10011Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 10.8m/1kN, Reverse DoorGalvanized006393110198132000810761
10237Pole, Steel, Ground Set, 10.8m/1kN, Reverse DoorPainted006393110198132000810761