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Tapered Octagonal Columns

Tapered Octagonal Columns

Tapered octagonal columns are ideal for many outdoor lighting projects. Our range has standard columns up to 10m in height, and our in-house design team can custom design columns up to 30m to suit your project. These columns are easy to install when combined with our foundation assemblies, and there are a wide range of mounting brackets available to suit trunnion mount or side entry luminaires in many configurations. These columns come standard with a base plate mount and a Ø76mm luminaire spigot.

All Urban Lighting Group columns and brackets are made from hot dip galvanized steel, and can be painted or powder-coated in your choice of colours.

Options and Accessories



ModelHeightSectionsLoad ratingESALoad weightMounting
FL4XL14.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 233mm PCD
FL4.5XL14.5m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 233mm PCD
FL5XL15.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 233mm PCD
FL6XL16.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 233mm PCD
FL7XL17.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 233mm PCD
FL8XL18.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 350mm PCD
FL8L18.01L1.2m2120kg4 M24 on 350mm PCD
FL9XL19.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 350mm PCD
FL9L19.0m1L1.2m2120kg4 M24 on 350mm PCD
FL10XL110.0m1XL0.6m260kg4 M20 on 350mm PCD
FL10L110.0m1L1.2m2120kg4 M30 on 350mm PCD
FL11XL211.0m2XL0.6m260kg4 M30 on 350mm PCD
FL12XL212.0m2XL0.6m260kg4 M24 on 350mm PCD
FL12L212.0m2L1.2m2120kg4 M30 on 500mm PCD
FL12M212.0m2M1.8m2180kg4 M30 on 500mm PCD
FL13.5XL213.5m2XL0.6m260kg4 M24 on 350mm PCD
FL15XXL215.0m2XXL0.3m240kg4 M24 on 350mm PCD
FL15XL215.0m2XL0.6m260kg4 M30 on 350mm PCD
FL15L215.0m2L1.2m2120kg4 M36 on 500mm PCD
FL15M215.0m2M1.8m2180kg4 M36 on 500mm PCD
FL18XL218.0m2XL0.6m260kg4 M36 on 500mm PCD
FL18L218.0m2L1.2m2120kg8 M30 on 500mm PCD

Load ratings, ESA and load weight are based on AS/NZS 1170.2 Region A, terrain category 2.